GOTS screen printing

We were one of the first printers in Europe to offer GOTS screen printing and continue to believe in the approach of sustainable and fair production, from the fiber to the printed textile.


GOTS targets the entire manufacturing process. All companies involved must have a GOTS certification. To do this, ecological and social standards, which are independently checked on site every year, must be observed.


When executing a GOTS order, documentation is very important and goes beyond the standard process. So if you would like a transaction certificate for your GOTS order, please address this at the bidding stage. We would be happy to advise you!

textiles and printing GOTS compliant

With GOTS, every step of the production chain is controlled.


If you want to sell textiles purchased from us as GOTS certified or want to advertise them with the GOTS logo, there are a few things to consider and document.


We would be happy to advise you on this, please contact us. You can find more information about GOTS-compliant labeling and logo use in the GOTS Licensing and Labeling Guide.