Female T-Shirts individually printed

Even though unisex models have been on the rise in recent years, many customers still want tailored women’s models. The waist is usually made via side seams, whereas most unisex models as tubular fabric do without them. We are at your disposal for any questions or to order a sample.

Our Product Range

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We would be happy to make you an individual offer for the refinement of female T-shirts, be it with print, embroidery or plot. Use our inquiry form or simply send us an email to info@cotton.de with your requirements.

Women's shirts cuts and shapes


  • Crew Neck T-Shirt: Shirt with a crew neck, the classic
  • Scoop Neck: a slightly wider round neckline, sometimes also a deep U neck
  • V-Neck: Shirt with a V-neck, corresponding to Deep V-Neck is a deep V-neck
  • Submarine neckline or boat neck: a wide, oval neckline that leaves the shoulders largely free.


  • Cap Sleeve: Cap Sleeve, Cap Sleeve
  • 3/4 SLEEVE: three-quarter length sleeves
  • Long sleeve: long sleeve shirt
  • Raglan: slanted sleeves
  • Batwing: bat, cap sleeves
  • Tank top: sleeveless shirt in different cuts (e.g. racerback)


  • Cotton and cotton blends (usually cotton with polyester, viscose or elastane),
  • Bammboo: Viscose material made from bamboo, usually mixed with cotton
  • Slub: Slub material is very thin, slightly translucent and washed out, often called slub yarn
  • Tencel: the most environmentally friendly industrially produced cellulose fiber currently available. The fiber is made from pulp that
  • comes exclusively from FSC-certified wood of the eucalyptus tree.
  • Vintage washed look

Not so long ago there were almost only unisex (baggy) cut T-shirts on the market. A wide selection of feminine T-shirts in different cuts and shapes has only been available for a few years. On the t-shirt page we have already collected many facts about the history, material, quality and shape of this garment.
Here we want to explain different types of women’s shirts and the associated technical terms in more detail, as well as introduce the brands that have a diverse range of women’s t-shirts.


Brands that have a diverse range of women’s t-shirts:

Continental Clothing, Stanley/Stella, B&C Collection, Bella+Canvas, SOL’S