Russel is still very popular for the classic t-shirts, which have a slightly looser fit and weigh up to 215 gsm in their heaviest version. The various sweater models in the Authentic line bring together high-quality workmanship, a modern cut and a contemporary design. With the Russell Collection, the brand also sells its own line for corporate wear with a large selection of shirts.

Our Product Range

Russell Corporation

Founded around 100 years ago, Russell Corporation is a leading global apparel manufacturer. Well-known brands include Russell Athletic and Cross Creek. What all these brands have in common is their good reputation as manufacturers of the highest quality products that are characterized by exceptional functionality.

Ethical production

Russell Corporation is currently seeking to be one of the first major apparel companies to receive the new WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production) seal for its factories. By participating in the WRAP initiative, socially and environmentally conscious companies operate under a consistent and comprehensive code – independently applied and revised – for the benefit of the textile industry, the environment and last but not least to protect local employees.