Cooperation Borneo

After many years of successful cooperation, Borneo Orangutan Survival Germany and Black Star decided in 2019 to further intensify their cooperation. The species protection project receives full support in the area of merchandising and the fulfillment of their online shop in order to make the greatest possible contribution to the conservation of this endangered species. We want to make a small contribution to a species-rich and sustainable world in the future.

Statement Daniel Merdes (Managing Director BOS Germany):

“We at BOS are very happy about the support of Black Star and will use everything directly for the protection of the rainforest and species in Borneo. At the same time, our work is also relevant to climate protection, which is why we are particularly proud to be working with a pioneer of German ecological companies can. Fits!”

What does Borneo Orangutan Survival do?

The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) has set itself the task of protecting the last orangutans and their habitat together with the Indonesian population. The Indonesian foundation was established in 1991 by forest scientist Dr. Willie Smits, the teacher Peter Karsono and other committed people.

With its two rehabilitation stations for young orangutan orphans and its reintroduction activities, the BOS Foundation operates the world’s largest primate protection project. This has a role model function for many protection programs of other organizations as well.
The foundation coordinates its work with the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry, the local local communities. Strengthening the potential of these communities is an important part of the work. Orangutan conservation can only be accomplished through us humans.

The T-shirt motifs from BOS


Anyone who wants to buy a t-shirt or other merchandise product to set a stylish sign for the preservation of our closest relatives, the orangutans, can do so here: