Price Calculator for Screen Printing

T-shirts with different editions:

Press the “Request offer” button, then the calculation will be transferred to our request form. You only have to enter your email address to receive a binding offer. This does not trigger an order. The request is non-binding for you.

Here comes the cost calculator.

Notes on the price calculator:

Calculated for these T-shirt models: Fair and Organic = Stanley Creator, Basic = B&C150, Heavy = B&C190


Minimum order 10, over 1000 please inquire directly, all prices plus shipping costs if necessary


The German VAT always applies, except for exports (shipping e.g. to Switzerland, Norway) and intra-community deliveries to companies with an EU VAT ID


Prices are calculated for screen printing, minimum edition 10. With colored textiles, an underprint is automatically preset, this is not necessary for dark printing colors on lighter textile colors. In this case, uncheck the “Vacuum necessary” box.


The price calculator serves as a rough guide, many factors that cannot all be queried here can change the price, e.g. oversize, special colours, special packaging etc. You will receive a binding price on request, also for other printing processes, embroidery, editions or if it is not clear how many colors the print motif has. We are happy to help!


For smaller runs or many colors, we can offer digital printing (DTG), costs 15.- net = 17.85 gross for runs from 5 to 10 up to a print size of 25 x 35 cm.

Contact us, we look forward to your inquiry:
  • If you need a quote for other textiles
  • For offers on other finishing processes such as e.g. embroidery, plot etc.
  • If it is unclear how many colors the design has
  • For additional requirements such as label, packaging, express
  • For all other questions:
Tips to reduce the price:

In addition to the cost of the textile, 2 factors determine the price:


The number of inks.


The more the more expensive. Can you get by with fewer colors or maybe even print the design in one color? We would be happy to take a look at your design and give advice.


The print run per motif:


The higher the cheaper. The decisive factor is always the total print run of a motif, e.g. with a print run of 100, textiles/colors/sizes can be mixed, the print price is calculated according to the scale of 100. (e.g. for 50 hooded sweatshirts and 50 t-shirts price from the 100 column).